MCenergy (Mike Cowie ) the one and original mcenergy in New Zealand. Started dj’ing back in 1986 under the name mcenergy at local house parties and then in some clubs around Auckland.Taking a long break many years later and coming back to dance music in 1998. Playing a range of music over the time from house, techno, hard dance, trance ,electro and pop see’s mcenergy play at all the major brand parties over the years and a bit of corporate work as well.

Known for his massive festival style sound mcenergy has played on the biggest parties in New Zealand supporting the biggest names on main stage, including playing closing set on the main stage at Armin only concert 2005. Playing on MOS radio to 3 million on Trance around the world radio show, to playing small clubs, its all abut the joy of playing ,music to make people dance.
With a love of trance but also massive electro style house his dj sets are always massive.
Right now you can hear him on his radio show on Friday afternoons that he has been doing for over 10 years.